Not everyone is born a leader. Leadership is a skill that can be learned and improved upon. Here are some simple tips to be a great leader.

Skill 1, Empathy

The number one leadership skill is empathy. Be genuine, connect with your team and yet stand tall. It makes you command respect and makes you approachable too.

Learn to handle failure

Failures are stepping stones to success. How you handle failures and setbacks defines you as a leader. Be responsible, and hold employees accountable as needed – with grace.

Taking Initiative

Don’t be complacent. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to improve. Do it with ease and elegance and you will see you have people following you.

Be proactive.

Good leaders can foresee potential problems. They can also develop ways to prevent problems from happening.

Constant learning

Be open to challenging yourself. Tell yourself that it is okay to delegate work and you need not do everything yourself. The key to being a successful leader is to let your team grow. Do not micromanage

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